Classic Palladium and Silver Mokume Wedding Rings by Steve Midgett

For 25 years couples have turned to jewelry designer Steve Midgett for wedding rings that reflect the depth and beauty of their union. Hundreds of happy couples continue to rave about Steve's rings, after years of daily wear. He has long been recognized for leading an expansion of the technical boundaries of mokume gane by colleagues and appreciated for his finely tuned design sense by his clients. Steve has published two books on the subject mokume and been awarded a patent for his innovations with patterned metals. When you're ready to start designing your most precious heirlooms, contact Steve with your questions about wedding rings, or another fine piece of jewelry. And make sure you check out our overstock bands, for never before seen deals on Steve's work.

Accepting Commissions

I will be accepting a limited number of commissions based on the original line of Steve Midgett Mokume wedding bands.   Please contact me via email or phone to discuss commissioning a custom made ring or other piece of fine mokume jewelry.
 Steve Midgett

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